Terroreyes, The Needle Drop, and Impose Mag at CMJ

Well, to say that I’m very excited to announce our upcoming colab show with Impose Magazine and Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop during CMJ, would be an understatement. Thanks to G-chat we’ve assembled a pretty great, and eclectic lineup, if I may say so myself. So put this one on your calendar, write it on your hand, carve it in your pumpkin, do what you have to do to remember, but make sure you come have a ton of fun with all of us. See you there!

Shea Stadium (20 Meadow St. BK, NY, 11206) October 17th, 8pm, all ages, free

Wreck and Reference
Odonis Odonis
YC the Cynic
Billy Woods
Guardian Alien

RSVP here


First 20 people through the door get a free E-Cig courtesy of Bedford Slims, whom helped make this show possible.


Thanks to stagnant advertising standards, Anheuser Busch expects us to associate beer with sporting events, arena rock, and frat parties – enjoyed responsibly. It’s mirrored in music business of major labels pushing records promoting consumerist-leaning music, brand name dropping, and excess in our ears. But, there’s always a counter-culture and in the beer business it’s craft brewing.

Craft breweries and independent musicians have a common ground of DIY ethos. There’s been some pairing of the two and we hope the relationship continues to grow. Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery is nearing its tenth year anniversary. Recently it opened it’s tank room for an exclusive improv set from Daren Ho, aka Driphouse, and Justin Frye of PC Worship. The two churned out nearly a half-hour of meditative ambience and anxious-rousing noise. After 7 minutes of transmitting improvisational signals into the tank room, Frye pauses to slug down a Sixpoint pale ale in three gulps. There’s your craft beer ad.

Balkans “Slow Return”

Balkans “Slow Return”
Los Angeles, CA
Song: “Slow Return”
Video: Sean Stout

Terroreyes Presents: A Night at The Knitting Factory

It’s been a while now since we’ve presented a show, but in my humble opinion this is a pretty rad comeback. Tomorrow night!!! (8.27.13)

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Music Video: King Krule “Easy Easy”

This doesn’t need much explanation. King Krule is great and the visuals for his new track “Easy Easy” are beautiful.

‘6 Feet Beneath the Moon’ drops 8.24 via True Panther and you can pre-order the LP here.

Interview: ZORCH

Spastic Austin phych rippers Zorch have a new LP out now called ‘ZZOORRCCHH’. It’s great and if you haven’t heard it I think you should listen to it. I decided to have a little chat with the duo comprised of Zac Traeger and Shmu and see what they had to say. The catch is, we’ve all known each other for years now so inevitably this interview took a strange turn and all in all has very little to do with music. But, here it is… (more…)

Music Video: Lantern “King of the Jungle”

Lantern is the rock’n brainchild project of Philadelphia based noise makers Zachary Devereux Fairbrother and Emily Robb. With an impressive back catalogue of releases in the vaults of DIY cornerstone labels such as Night People and Bathetic. I was first introduced to these dudes and dudettes when they played this years Tiny Mixtapes and Northern Spy SXSW show, which I happened to be filming. They stood out in the lineup in that they were very much a ‘rock’ group, and I mean that in a good way. I shot their set without any prior knowledge of the band (I have that footage somewhere and need to find it) and was thoroughly impressed. These guys shred live. “king of the Jungle” which comes off the groups recently released LP ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Rorschach’ (via the fine folks over at Sophomore Lounge) is a trudging stoney anthem. So it’s fitting that the video features a ‘king’ in search of beer. A noble quest indeed. But then things take a turn for the weird… Check out the video below (Dr. Jackie Lachance) and be sure to cop the record here.

Interview: Scott Martin of Boyfrndz

Is it just me or is Austin, TX breeding some of the most summer-y music this summer has to offer? And I don’t mean bullshit summer music about crashing your car into a bridge and loving it, I’m talking real deal poppy rock music that is actually good and thought provoking in some form. And yet it seems that many of these releases creep by under the radar of the masses. Why do these seemingly over accessible releases continue to resonate only in the underground basements of devoted music seekers? Well, that’s a think-piece and succession of rant-y tweets for another time. The focus here is Boyfrndz, an Austin band that you may or may not have heard of that released on of my favorite free (name yo price!) releases of the summer, ‘Natures’. If I jogged in the mornings, I would be listening to ‘Natures’, if I… Well, let’s not do the list of things that I could be doing while listening to ‘Natures’ and sum it up like this; If I took my entire summer, made a montage out of it, and had to pick the backing tracks, I would choose ‘Natures’, so I asked frontman Scott Martin some questions about being in a rad band:

TE: What’s it like being in a rad band? Just kidding that’s not my question. How did the three of you get together to start Boyfndz? I know you have been involved with other bands throughout the years

SCOTT: Well, Aaron and I have been friends since high school. He’s been in bands since I’ve known him… I’d been trying to get into a project with him since then and just couldn’t stick it until a couple years ago. Joe and I are musical life partners, it seems… He was in my first band ever, and we left together to form Boyfrndz… When Aaron and I started ripping together, Joe and I just kinda put two and two together.


TE: This project is a bit more ‘pop-y’ if you want to call it that, than past endeavors. Can you speak on that a bit? Was that a conscience decision?

SCOTT: Sure, I think it just ended up that way… We originally wanted to do a more intense weirdo punk type band but it just didn’t end up that way. We never thought out anything before writing it, it always came through Aaron and I’s improv sessions. The songs still come this way.

TE: When we were brainstorming ideas for the “Moving Parts” music video I asked you about the lyrics and you mentioned that they don’t necessarily mean anything in particular. If that’s the case how do you go about writing and choosing your lyrics?

SCOTT: I always write the melodies first. Way before I even consider putting lyrics down… I’ve played through tours ad-libbing lyrics on the fly. I usually just do that until I fit words and phrases I like into the syllable phrases I’ve been riffing on. It’s more fun, and organic for me, than sitting in my bedroom hashing it out.

TE: Have you ever prescribed meaning to lyrics after you have written them? Like, ‘oh I was in that mood when I came up with that, that totally makes sense now’

SCOTT: Yeah, for sure. It ends up coming together in its own way. They usually mirror the tone of the song, because its how I feel about certain parts while I’m rapping them out in the rehearsal space or in the studio.

TE: You guys are putting this LP out on your own. Can we talk about the challenges / rewards of choosing to take this route as opposed to the more traditional route?

SCOTT: We are. Its certainly challenging, financially, at least. We’re coming up with all of this money ourselves, out of our pockets. We really don’t make much at all at our shows, so we work hard getting the money together at our day jobs so we can keep the the wheels turning. We could have taken the other route and just waited around for someone to do it… We definitely would be less broke, but we also wouldn’t have accomplished as much as we have wanted to. We just hope that eventually it’ll be a self sustaining thing, which is all we’re really aiming at now.


TE: You guys also recently started a crowd-funding campaign for the record, how did that idea come about and what was your experience with that? I know some people have reservations and strong opinions when it comes to crowd funding.

SCOTT: We were just going to pay for it out of pocket, initially but everything that goes into putting something out was just getting overwhelming, so we gave it a shot. Thankfully it worked out, and a lot of people donated and we made our mark. We had our reservations, though… It kind of humiliating. To be begging people for money that way… It’s obviously a truly useful and helpful thing, but people really want to believe the funding just comes from somewhere, and sometimes, it just doesn’t. I think we probably lost some “cool cred”, but we don’t give a fuck. We’re just happy to have the level of support we do at this point to have made it happen. Very lucky to have that in the music game these days…

TE: Can I ask the ever predictable interview question and ask if there where any contemporary influences on this new record?

SCOTT: Well our influences are pretty all over the place in general. I’ve been loving the new Grizzly Bear record, and the new Queens of The Stone Age, Tame Impala, the newest Tera Melos release, the new Feuding Fathers is amazing too. Also always jamming this r&b artist Bilal’s record “Love for Sale”… been digging on Raleigh Moncrief for a while, and Death Grips. Meanwhile Aaron is super into hip hop and r&b these days; Dilla, Robert Glasper, MF Doom, etc. Joeys always been a jazz guy, and general rock enthusiast. We all listen to everything though, it keeps our minds open. That new Whirr record is really cool too. We’re doing a couple shows with them next weekend. Stoked for that.

TE: Yeah Whirr is great! Speaking of shows, you guys have a bunch of dates coming up but what are plans for after tour?

SCOTT: After tour we’re planning on going into the studio again to start recording our next release. We’ll be finishing the rest of the US dates we had to postpone early next year, with some festival dates in the works as well. Aaron, and our new guitarist Jesse’s other band East Cameron Folkcore will be in Germany touring for a month, so we’ll be taking a little breather too.

TE: In closing, is there anything else you would want to add? Or any more questions you would want to throw in?

SCOTT: I think that well covers it, Thanks for being interested, amigo.

Stream / Download ‘Natures’ below:

7/30 – Austin, TX @ Holy Mountain w Twin Steps
Aug 2 – Dallas, TX @ Club Dada w WHIRR
Aug 3 – Austin, TX @ Mohawk w WHIRR
August 17 – Austin, TX @ SECOND HOUSE SUMMER PARTY (Boyfrndz tour kick off/ Feuding fathers record release) DETAILS/LINEUP TBA
August 24 – Athens, GA @ CALEDONIA LOUNGE
August 25 – Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
August 28 – Pittsburgh, PA @ SMILING MOOSE w EDHOCHULI
August 29 – Cleveland, OH @ HAPPY DOG
September 1 – Denver, CO @ HI-DIVE w COMMON ANOMALY
September 3 – Norman, OK @ THE DELI w TALLOWS & SONIC VIOLENCE
September 4 – Denton, TX @ HAILEYS w BABAR & CLEAN UP

Music Video: Kanye West “Black Skinhead”

Kanye has released the official “Black Skinhead” music video today after a much publicized unofficial leak early last week. The track comes off Ye’s recently released, critically acclaimed ‘Yeezus’ LP and was directed by fasion photographer Nick Knight. According to Ye’s twitter, this video is the product of 5 months of blood, sweat, and tears, and while this ‘official’ version differs only slightly from the leak, it is a polished masterpiece nonetheless. Watch the video below.

Stream: Boyfrnds “Natures”

Austin based noise-pop rockers Boyfnds have released their new LP ‘Natures’ today. It’s five tracks of blistering pop shreder tracks to soundtrack all your summer escapades. ‘Natures’ is available for free, so you really have no excuse for not poppin’ this one on your phone, although I personally recommend tossing these dudes a few bucks for their effort, seeing as I can almost guarantee you will fall in love with it. Oh also, if you missed it a few weeks back, we made these guys a pretty weird music video. Stream and download ‘Natures’ below.


Spot Check: Fat Tony

Text: Blake Gillespie
Video: Sean Stout


Music Video: Killer Mike & El-P “36” Chain”

Killer Mike & El-P’s ‘Run The Jewels’ LP has been on constant repeat since it dropped. It’s a passion project between the two and it shows. They’re having fun with it, and it’s infectious. So it makes total sense that the first music video we get from the project is a bit goofy. Even if you aren’t into the project you should watch this video for no other reason than to see Killer Mike and El-P beat up Andrew W.K., cuz… that happens.

If you haven’t downloaded ‘Run The Jewels’ yet, you should. It’s free, and you can nab it here.