Guest Mixtape: Steve Marion of Delicate Steve

We asked Steve Marion of Delicate Steve to curate a mixtape of his most favorite songs at the moment. Steve says: “Here is a mix of my current top-played songs *on the internet*…these are songs that I love, but have not downloaded to my computer or my ipod, and instead always listen to them through a bookmarked link to Youtube or Bandcamp.” So, to keep true to Steve’s listening habits, we have compiled his mixtape in the form of embedable widgets. Which, I guess makes this less of a mixtape and more a list of Steve’s 10 favorite songs at the moment. Whatever you want to call it technically, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

1. Chris Cohen “Caller 99”

2. Cy Dune “Just Kids”

3. BDee “Noise Viper”

4. Banned Books “Mission Creep”

5. Janka Nabay “En Yay Sah”

Stream Janka Nabay “En Yay Sah” here. (And the entire record, which is excellent, for that matter)

6. K.S. Chithra with Ilaiyaraaja “Yaaro Sonnaangalaam”

7. AU “The Veil”

8. Princess Music “White Wave”

9. Robbie Basho “Pavan India”

10. The Strokes “You Only Live Once” (Demo)