Music Video: Isaiah Toothtaker “Numb”

Isaiah Toothtaker is a Tucson, AZ based emcee you should definitely be keeping an eye on this year. Admittedly Isaiah has been skipping my radar in past years, which was surprising upon inspection of his catalog. Boasting impressive features on past projects from the likes of Murs, Antwon, Gonjasufi, and others I can’t believe it’s taken this long to discover this dude. That being said, if you are new to Isaiah, I urge you to go download all of his past projects here.

“Numb” is the first track we get to check out from Isaiah’s semi-cryptic upcoming “wave of music” that is set to drop March 1st, one of which is said to be a collaboration with Maybach Music’s own Gunplay. The video for “Numb” is the perfect perfect dark syrup-soaked visual accompaniment to the Steel Tip Dove produced track, with Isaiah dropping lines such as “Skeletons in the closet but the whole house haunted…” while mirroring himself behind a floating triangle in which grape soda or some other form of refreshing purple beverage is being poured from cup to cup, you know, for sharing…

We’ll be hearing a lot more from this guy in the coming months, so set your sights on this dude now. He’s going to do big thangs. Check out the video for “Numb” below. (Dr. Nicolas Heller of Ricky Shabazz & The Boom Bap Boys.)